Dweezil Mantova, in the rhythm of online commerce

The 27 year old Lozerian, passionate about music, has created his clothing shop on the internet.

Loudspeakers, high-performance computer, poster of 2Pac… It is on the ground floor of his family home, near the Laubies, that Dweezil Mantova, who bears the same first name as one of Franck Zappa’s son whose father is a fan, composes his music and shares it on streaming sites.

While collaborating with other artists in the department, the 27-year-old Lozerian launched, in 2019, into the adventure of online clothing trade in parallel with his musical activity.

“I’m just very creative,” the music lover warns. As I met people, I thought why not try to launch a t-shirt collection . I’d already made a few in 2015. It’s an idea that appealed to me, so I went to various suppliers in France.”

A streetwear style, casual

Pushing the door of a small room, a few T-shirts, caps and bobs of his brand “Resistance Clothing”, a skull as a logo. For him, “it’s an important symbol because it’s not attached to a religion or anything. And that’s what I was looking for.”

I want to keep my clothes affordable,” says Dweezil Mantova, who is currently working on a women’s collection, “and I do a lot of capsule shots to find the styles that suit me, while letting my creativity go,” says Dweezil Mantova.

“To create is to resist”

The price of the tee-shirts starts at around 20 $. The auto-entrepreneur certifies an organic origin, and a Fair Wear Foundation label that guarantees fair trade and respect for the environment. An initiative to be welcomed, for a brand with a singular name.

“When I set up my own music label,” explains the creator, “I’d passed on a phrase by Stéphane Hessel who said ‘Creating is Resistance’. It speaks to me a lot. And we’re in a department which is marked by Resistance.”

A contest launched on Instagram

The young creator launched a contest on the social network of photographs, Instagram, to gain visibility. “I published this operation on Monday. People must share the publication and identify two of their friends,” says Dweezil.The winner will leave with one of his T-shirts, and the two identified friends will receive a 25% discount on a product of their choice. It’s a contest that works well: there are already more than 80 comments this Tuesday,” rejoices the Lozerian. The opportunity to try his luck before this Sunday, the last deadline.

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