In China, mystery boxes are snapping up at a high price

In China, mystery boxes are snapping up at a high price

Beijing (AFP) - A surprise box containing a collectible figurine: after being all the rage in the 80s in Japan, the "blind boxes" find a second youth in China, where these miniature toys with the effigy of manga.

On the second-hand market, a rare figurine - in its original unopened box - can easily be worth more than ten times its starting price, typically between $ 10 and $ 20 (around $ 8 to $ 16).

Like the collectable album thumbnails, which were once a hit in schoolyards, the "blind boxes" (literally "blind boxes") are today in China the happiness of nostalgic people but also ...trendy young people.

In Wang Zhaoxue's bedroom in Beijing, the shelves are lined with little unicorns and cartoon characters dressed as clowns.

Like her parents, the music student is passionate about these little figurines.

To complete her collection, she has two options: the purchase of new surprise boxes ...whose content is unknown until opening.

Or even frequent groups of fans - more conducive to exchanges.

The "Blind boxes" first saw the light of day in Japan in the 1980s.

Upset by the overconsumption that trivializes purchases, its creators originally wanted to perpetuate the feeling of excitement that one has by opening a gift package.

The amount of mystery surrounding each box is precisely what got Ms.Wang hooked.

- "Competitive spirit" -

"Sometimes you can guess what's inside by shaking the box," the 18-year-old told AFP.

Her mother, also a fervent collector, proudly exhibits baby-faced figurines in front of the front door of the family apartment.

Posted Date: 2021-05-02

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