"A treat": when "the Nouvel Obs" presented the first films of Bertrand Tavernier

"A treat": when "the Nouvel Obs" presented the first films of Bertrand Tavernier

The filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier died Thursday, March 25 at the age of 79.His long filmography was the subject of numerous articles in "l'Obs".Thus, in "the Nouvel Observateur" of Monday January 14, 1974, Jean -Louis Bory (1919-1979) devoted an article to Bertrand Tavernier's first feature film, “L'Horloger de Saint-Paul”, welcoming “a certain happy aggressiveness”.this article pretty much discloses the film.

The search for lost threads

But what has been done to them, to these young people? A father tries to understand

I have not read Georges Simenon's novel, “L'Horloger d'Everton”.Obviously, Bertrand Tavernier, with the help of the famous duettists Aurenche and Bost, subjected this novel to a double twist: geographic and political .Bye bye Everton, everything takes place in Lyon, the city of Tavernier, and Lyon is on the screen, by landscape shots responsible for circulating the air (and not just any air, the air of Lyon ) around people; and by the devotion given to good food - I should have counted the times when people are at the table, or go to the market before sitting down to table (this watchmaker is the gourmet of Saint-Paul), without talk about the corners of the sequence where we nibble and drink a little something generally very appetizing.

This Lyon so present is Lyon in the present: 1973.The politicization of Simenon draws its vigor from the present and from the current French.It is no longer a question of Tupamaros, Greek colonels or Quebec gangsters.well from home.Without ambiguity or poetic vagueness, Tavernier goes for it.He denounces the ignominy of the employers' police inside the factories, henchmen disguised as security guards and who "break" the worker as they have broken Vietnam or the bougnoule, with complete impunity, with the complicity of the police and agents of the party currently (1973) in power.

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