TAPION's music box is officially available for pre-order!

For the first time, an official replica of Tapion's music box, from the movie Dragon Ball Z - Attack of the Dragon, is announced! This is an exact replica of the one that appears in the movie, and it plays the tune of “Yūsha no fue” (literally “the hero's hiss”) identically.This is Tapion's theme., composed by Tetsuji Hayashi.

Be careful, because Wayô Records specifies that it is not a toy, but "a luxury object, made with the best materials, fully autonomous, in collaboration with its composer, Tetsuji Hayashi".The price is also luxury, since this Tapion's Music Box will cost you € 299.90.Pre-orders are open, for delivery in spring 2021.

Video presentation

For the first time in the world, the Dragon Ball Z music box by Tapion finally has its official replica, a collector's edition with a mini shikishi by Tapion (an illustration on card), and a musical score signed by However, note that these bonuses are limited to the first 500 copies, again priced at € 299.90.

As part of the "Wayô Music Box" collection, Wayô Records therefore offers this officially licensed limited edition product.The nostalgia and emotion of the film is reproduced thanks to this rare collector's item that plays the famous theme of the film Dragon Ball Z Attack on the Dragon (1995), composed by Tetsuji Hayashi.

This music box has the particularity of appearing several times in the film.By gathering the seven Dragon Balls, Goku and his friends release the hero Tapion who tells his terrible story.This faithful reproduction has both a musical and a decorative function.This is the first replica of this magical artifact from the last Dragon Ball Z movie of the "Golden Age".

Posted Date: 2020-12-21

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