To listen: rad cartier exhumes the street CD with its collection “VT ZOOM”

To listen: rad cartier exhumes the street CD with its collection “VT ZOOM”

Quintessence of French-speaking rap of the 2000s, the street-album (carried by Nisay or Seth Gueko) has largely lost its letters of nobility since the advent of streaming platforms and overproduced mixtapes - which only have mixtapes in name - consisting in evacuating the B sides of an album published or to come.With VT ZOOM, it is however one of the most avant-garde artists of the landscape of the French rap who resuscitates this underestimated format for ten years: rad cartier.Member of the Parisian label Ligne Bleue Records and close to the Fédération du Boukan (Bamao Yendé, Le Diouck, Nyokō Bokbaë), it is a whole imagination of French rap that rad cartier decided to unearth in the yardstick of his first true long format.

Considered as a precedent for what will follow, the street CD is both a commercial medium that prepares the ground for an upcoming album and a manifesto to the creativity of its author.Less expensive to produce, it nevertheless testifies to a coherence often absent from mixtapes which now occupy the same place in the rap ecosystem.And, obviously, VT ZOOM testifies to the concentration and aesthetic obsessions specific to the sleepy street-album format since the 2010s.

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Everything is “VT ZOOM”

Spread since November 2019 on streaming platforms, the first five numbered volumes of VT ZOOM - and illustrated by clips from Natas3000 (Di-Meh, Slimka) in particular - are available here in three new iterations in collaboration with Jäde, DOR and sean and three bonus tracks already known.Fundamentally more rap and less focused on the afrobeat sounds experienced by its employees of the Boukan Federation, VT ZOOM does not abandon electronic experiments on productions that recall the versatility of Mike Dean (Kanye West, Travis Scott) or Pi'erre Bourne (Playboi Carti).

Posted Date: 2021-01-29

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