Registration begins February 15th 2017.


If you are either a DJ, Artist or Music Website Owner and want to be a Contestant for the AllStar Mixtape Awards. You have to submit an E-mail: with your email, Social Network links and Website link. You will also need to send us a short paragraph on why you think you should be a Contestant and which Category.

Requirements for being nominationed as a contestant in the following categories:
1. Best Blend/Remix DJ
2. Best Club DJ
3. Best DJ Crew
4. DJ Jinx Paul Latin Radio Tribute Award
5. DJ Whiteout Hip Hop Tribute Award
6. Best Down South DJ
7. Best East Coast DJ
8. Best EDM DJ
9. Best Female DJ
10. Best Grinding DJ
11. Best Hip Hop DJ
12. Best International DJ
13. Best Latin DJ
14. Best Latin Mixtape DJ
15. Best Live Blend Aritst
16. Best Midwest DJ
17. Best Reggaeton DJ
18. Best Rising Star DJ
19. Best RNB DJ
20. Best Unsigned Male DJ
21. Best Unsigned Female DJ
22. Best Video Mix DJ
23. Best West Coast DJ

Must submit a Soundcloud, Mixcloud or Mixcrate link you are trying to promote yourself with.

If you need a Promotional Banner for Social Media with your name and category on it, it will be $15. A Video Version of a Banner it will be $50.

Voting starts April 1, 2017 through May 8th 2017. On May 8, 2017, the Judges will decide who are the winners in each category. The announcement will be made on May 10th 2017.

Judges to be Announced

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